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Perfect Push up

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1-3 days

The Perfect Pushup is one of the more innovative fitness tools I've seen over the years. Invented by a former Navy SEAL, the device is designed to give you better push ups. With padded bottoms to keep your hands in place and rotating handles that move naturally with your hands, the Perfect Pushup exercises more muscles than traditional push ups and reduces strain.

The Perfect Pushup really does do a good job at reducing strain. Normally when I do push ups, I'm limited by the endurance of my wrists, which get easily fatigued. With the Perfect Pushup, there is no wrist or elbow strain so I can do more push ups. The device isn't one of those "miracle" products that will get you a buff body in days, but will make building muscle go faster as it lets you get more push ups done more easily and more quickly. It lets you have a great workout without pain and soreness.

Many people are hesitant to do push ups because of the pain and soreness they cause, and many more don't enough know how to correctly do a push up. Hopefully the Perfect Pushup will change that.


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