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GAIAM POWERBreathe Sports Performance Breathing Trainer

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1-3 days

Powerbreathe Sports

Enas large number of high level athletes follow arduous training programs to remain competitive and to improve their performance.
Really wonder how many of them are thought to improve the most important aspect of their physical state as their breathing?

The exercise and strengthen the respiratory muscles can help improve athletic performance.

Recent studies have shown that the "training" these muscles can benefit all-round fitness and maximize the effectiveness of other muscles used in various sports.
Using your POWERbreathe training system with 30 inhalations twice daily the power and strength of an athlete's lungs grow quickly.
Easily transportable and without using drugs. The POWERbreathe, has a controlled progressive resistance training and is suitable for athletes of all categories.

The unique, adjustable valve system allows the escalation of training as veltonetai breathing, making it possible to achieve maximum breathing capacity.
Scientific studies have shown that the respiratory muscles have to carry such a burden forced to "steal" blood from other working muscles resulting in lower performance (Harms et al., 1998).

Recent investigations in a controlled laboratory environment have shown that respiratory muscle training (IMT) improves the efficiency by about 30% (Sharpe & McConnell, 1998; Caine & McConnell, 1998).
Also studies have shown that the performance kopilaton (Voliantis et al., 2001) and high-level cyclists (Romer et al., 2001) improved up to 4.6%! In practice this means almost 3 minutes faster on a bike path 40 mm and a difference of 60 meters on a rowing race of 2000 meters!


Uses the principles of practice in charge, with adjustable resistance that meets all the needs and allows the gradual increase of the charge.

"Dumbbell for the diaphragm" Just as we use weights to strengthen muscles, to breathe the same way 30 times with POWERbreathe for a few minutes twice a day ananefstikous forcing muscles work more, thus increasing strength and stamina.

Within a few days you will feel the breathing muscles stronger while in 4 weeks the operation of the diaphragm and your performance will improve. .


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